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Sex and Intimacy for Christians

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Sexual Satisfaction for the Christian Wife

{Ad} - Specifically written for Christian Wives who are looking to experience sex as the exciting, fulfilling and marriage-building experience that God intended it to be, Sexual Satisfaction For The Christian Wife reveals the secrets to female sexual response and fulfillment.

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Sexual Skills for the Christian Husband

{Ad} - An exclusive guide every Christian Husband should have in his library. Filled with honest, straightforward information about healthy sexuality from a Christian perspective designed specifically for Christian Husbands, this book is a must have for every Christian couple.

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Latest Articles

Healing After an Affair

Healing After an Affair thumbnail

  I recently had an affair revealed in my office. The session prior had been difficult because I told the couple something they did not want to hear: they were stuck and they weren’t getting better. I referred them to a marriage intensive that I trust, to help them identify the deeper, unspoken emotional issues […]

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Healing From Sexual Abuse

Healing From Sexual Abuse thumbnail

  A question that I hear from many of my clients at the start of therapy is: “Is it healing from sexual abuse really possible? I mean really be free?” These individuals want to hope for healing, but they have lived with the pain of their abuse for so long, they are more than a […]

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Stud 100

Stud 100 thumbnail

Stud 100 – Advice and Review {rating}   I’ve recently had a flurry of questions related to premature ejaculation.  I’d like to take some time to review the questions and provide some quality information, but I wanted to get word out about a solution that many men are finding very helpful.  The product is Called […]

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Vibrators for Christians

Vibrators for Christians thumbnail

We’ve recently received a few emails asking about the use of vibrators for Christians in the context of marriage so I thought it would be appropriate to address the issue here as the question of the week. It is our hope and prayers that you will prayerfully consider what the Lord has for you as […]

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Sex In A Busy Life

Sex In A Busy Life thumbnail

Sex In A Busy Life – The Common Story of Dave and Patricia Healthy and vibrant sexuality is composed of many moving parts.  Learning how to bring sensuality into the bedroom, for example is one element.  Learning how to be close and bonded outside the bedroom is another.  Both of these are critical dimensions that […]

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From Dark to Light: Freedom from Sexual Shame

From Dark to Light: Freedom from Sexual Shame thumbnail

                In an interview with the band, Tenth Avenue North, about their new album The Struggle, the band shared about the struggle we all face to be free.  However, because of God’s grace and Christ’s sacrifice, we, as followers of Christ, are already free and can be free […]

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10 Tips for Maintaining Sexual Integrity

10 Tips for Maintaining Sexual Integrity thumbnail

Get Real – Recognize that sexual temptation is unavoidable in our sex-obsessed culture. Erotic images on billboards, films, television and a thousand other stimulants are bombarding you daily. Being a Christian doesn’t exempt you from temptation – the godliest of men can fall prey to it. So the first step towards maintaining sexual integrity is […]

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5 Ways to Keep Romance Alive in Your Marriage

5 Ways to Keep Romance Alive in Your Marriage thumbnail

Romance is a key factor in keeping a marriage alive and healthy. If romance is missing or unsatisfying, then you and your spouse may find yourselves drifting away from each other. You have to keep the fire burning by rebuilding romance in your marriage. Romance probably came easy during the early years of your relationship, […]

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Igniting Passionate Intimacy

Igniting Passionate Intimacy thumbnail

True passionate intimacy is so much more than just sexual intimacy. If you’re waiting until you get to the bedroom to have passionate intimacy then I’m afraid that you are missing out on an entire world of intimacy opportunities. Not only are you missing out, but you are also depriving your spouse of healthy intimacy. […]

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5 Ways to Make Love Last Forever

5 Ways to Make Love Last Forever thumbnail

Do you think it is possible for two individuals to live happily ever after? Yes and I’ve got 5 ways to make love last forever. If both the wife and the husband will put these ways into good use, a “happily ever after” movie scenario will definitely be possible. What are these keys to a […]

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